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10 Million Cars, only 2.5 Million Insured

This is scary to know. There are roughly 10 million passenger cars on South African roads as you read this, but only 2.5 million or so are insured. So, when you are in traffic and look around you, three of the cars next you are probably not insured.

Obviously the above viewpoint will change depending where in the country you are, which roads you are driving, and which cars are on the road next to you when you are.

What does this mean for you?
Quite simply if you are not properly covered by a Fully Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy you are probably not be adequately covered in the event of damage, write-off or theft of your own car. So, if you drive into or have a collision with another car, and you damage the other persons car, you may be liable to pay damages out of your own pocket.

There are alternative Insurance products that Better Compare feature and which may be suitable for you rather than having no Insurance at all.

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