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We gather the best quotes we can for you

Using our digital technology which is plugged into the various insurance company rating engines 24/7, we gather real-time and accurate quotes for you from popular insurers. Simply complete a few profile questions and our digital technology will then gather real-time quotes for you from each insurer. We then show you multiple car insurance quotes from different insurers to compare side by side on our search results page. Then simply accept the quote to progress your quote yourself with the insurer.

No need to call around for quotes

Since we gather the different insurance company quotes all in one go for you, from the same systems they use to give you a phone quote, we help save you the time and hassle having to call each insurer and spend up to 45 minutes on each phone quote call. It is not just your time we help save, hopefully we may be able to help save you money too, on phone call costs and saving on your monthly insurance premium.


1. Latest digital technology

We use the latest digital technology to connect to the insurer rating engines (these are the smart decision systems that work out your risk profile and decide on your individual premium that you will pay). That is why quotes will always likely differ from one insurance group/company to the next.


2. We've integrated to various insurers

We securely communicate via sophisticated computer API's with the various insurer rating engines, sending them the quote details you provide us. We are plugged into insurers 24/7 so you can get online quotes any time that suits you.


3. We retrieve live rates from insurers

The insurers each send back a unique premium and excess amount. Every insurer will calculate your premium and risk differently based on where you live, the type of car you drive, the condition of your car and other factors such as your driving history. As such your premiums from each insurer will likely always differ.


4. See actual rates and policy benefits

See the actual rates and policy benefits on our online results page, or we will tell them to you on the phone via our call centre. 

Once you have decided on the insurer, policy details, premium and excess then simply click the "I'm Interested" button and we will then immediately arrange that the insurers consultant call you during working hours to talk you through your quote.

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