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We are not owned by or affiliated to the companies listed on the site or in our call centre.

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Compare real-time car insurance quotes from popular insurers on our search results page, then choose the best quote. Using digital technology we will retrieve actual rates, benefits and policy information directly from popular and trusted car insurance companies for you to compare side by side. By spending just a few minutes to complete your car details e.g. make, model and some information about yourself and your driving history, you could save the time and hassle of having to call around for insurance quotes and hopefully save money in the process. 

Unlike other insurance comparison websites that are owned by an insurance group, Better Compare is not owned by or affiliated to the companies listed on the site or in our call centre. The brands that we compare in our call centre, are exactly the same brands we compare on our website. We really are unbiased! Once you have decided on the insurer, policy details, premium and excess then simply click the "I'm Interested" button and we will then immediately arrange that the insurers consultant call you during working hours to talk you through your quote.

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Car insurance companies spend a lot of money advertising how important it is to switch to them from your current provider and how they can save you money. How do you know whether you will be getting the best value by only responding to the insurer who shouts the loudest in their advertising?

When you are shopping for a new car, cell phone or home appliance most of you will shop around to find the best price by comparing prices at different shops. Why then are you not shopping around for what is one of your biggest expenses each month, your car insurance premium? You will never know if you’re saving money on your policy unless you compare it with other major insurance companies.

The good news is that Better Compare is here to make it really easy and simple for you to find the best value car insurance partner which will give you the right coverage you would expect for your much-loved vehicle. Better Compare may be able to assist you in finding an insurance partner which will give you the right coverage you would expect for your much-loved vehicle.

Why it is important to... apples with apples, excess with excess

When comparing car insurance quotes from different insurance companies it is important to make sure that the excesses are similar i.e. comparing apples with apples. As an example one insurers quote premium may be R850 with an excess of R4,000, whereas for the same personal profile and same car with an excess of R10,000 the premium may be R450 with another insurer.

In the event of a claim the policyholder will have to pay the excess which may or may not be affordable for the policyholder to pay at that time. On the other hand, if there is no claim the higher excess option may win out more affordable over time.

data driven decisions

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We're not owned by or affiliated to the companies listed on the site or in our call centre. Our search results come direct from the insurers rating engines and we simply list the cheapest first, second cheapest second, and so on. We invite all SA insurers to join our panel. 


100% secure & safe

Strong website and data security protects our users and promotes visitor trust. That’s why Better Compare supports Encryption Everywhere - HTTPS on every page. We will never share or sell your data. Better Compare is not a lead generator, we show actual rates on our results page.


No hidden catches

Our service is entirely free for you to use with no hidden catches. It is also free for the insurers to feature on our platform. We only earn a marketing fee for introducing new clients to the companies listed. In no way does this fee influence the prices quoted, which we get direct from the insurers.

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Let our friendly, helpful and attentive quote consultants help you gather quotes from different insurance groups. Our team and technology do all the hard work for you. Call us, request a call back or do an online quote yourself. You are in control. 

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We believe in giving you the control to make your own smart insurance buying decisions. We believe in a fair, impartial and independent insurance comparison environment. We are on a mission to let people know it is better to compare.

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